What exactly is a Public Unintellectual?
  • Well this one's a bit obvious, huh? It's someone who is neither private nor intellectual.
Well duh. But what separates you guys from the Average Joe Shmo who likes to talk?
  • In all honesty?
Yes, please.
  • We have a blog. Also, we are just intellectual enough to write. Satirically. 
So wait... Are you actually secret intellectuals?
  • We can neither confirm nor deny that rumour at this point in time. Suffice it to say that whether intellectual or un-, we always write with a definite purpose in mind. We don't just blabber.
Ahhhh. Got it. So you're sorta intellectual and unintellectual simultaneously?
  • Yes.
But... Why is Yair a writer here then? He seems pretty full-on intellectual (or at least he tries to be).
  • Caowinhim's pretty full-on unintellectual. Yin and yang, baby. It all balances out nicely.
Is it true that Caowinhim wrote an article defending/glorifying rape?
  • Of course! You can find it here: linky. Do note that it might be slightly satirical. We aren't 100% sure on the matter yet ourselves - further study is required.
Wow! You guys are so full of evil/shit/unintellectuality! How can I get in touch to send you burning electronic dog poo/hate e-mail?
  • ricecaow@gmail.com should meet all your e-hating needs. Knock yerself out, kid.
OH MY GOD! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! How can I get in touch to send positive e-mails/my sexy electronic panties/free weed and LSD?
  • Just kidding! Nobody likes us. Seriously, just use the above address for hate mail. Please.
Our public relations manager on a typical...
Well, every single day of the week.

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FAQ written and composed by Y. S. Rice.

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