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Y. S. Rice

This blog's straight-man, Mr. Rice is known here at Public Unintellectuals HQ for just two things:

  • Not being sarcastic at all.
  • Being incredibly sarcastic all the freaking time.
Needless to say, this hasn't won him many friends - his colleague very frequently comments that he cannot in fact be the straight-man on this blog, seeing as he is not in any way straight. Fear not, however, ladies; Mr. Rice maintains to this very minute that he is "As straight as a ruler - and not one of those bendy rubber ones either". You have might just have a chance with him yet.

In addition to writing for a separate blog of his own (http://thegmscreen.blogspot.com/), and having been nominated for a regional short film competition, Y. S. R. has been rejected by the BBC on only one occasion, and is currently collaborating with a few independent illustrators to publish the rejected script on Amazon.

Y. S. R. is a busy man, but when he isn't busy, he prefers to relax with a good foreign-language film, a hefty RPG game-book, and a bottle of Riesling. Sometimes he lights scented candles, and always does he prefer not to be disturbed.

Jester Antonio Caowinhim

The Public Unintellectuals funny guy, Jester is better known as 'that monkey that can type!' or 'Kevin Antonio Torres when he doesn't want to be held responsible for his actions'. We at Public Unintellectuals HQ aren't really sure what to call him, but we really like the sound of that monkey thing.

When not writing for the Public Unintellectuals, Jester can be found on his Facebook page, not talking about rape, or offline, writing about many non-rape related things: a fantasy religion in which the Sun rapes a woman and is, in turn, raped by a very ugly woman; a sitcom about space pirates in which at least four major characters were rapists at some point; a poem where he himself is mildly raped; and a stage play in which date-rape expands to the hitherto unexplored field of marriage.

To this day, he insists that rape is not a preoccupation of his. Remember, if you want to complain about his rape article, go here: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1530064771

Jester enjoys long walks on the beach, getting to know new people, and trying to summon Cthulhu with Y.S.R. in his spare time. He currently studies psychology and accounting - two subjects that he believes have a lot of overlap - and philosophy; a subject with many real-world applications.

If you are interested in getting in touch with Jester - especially about his rape editorial - you should check him out here. In case you forget, this is the address. Do it.

Bios composed by Y. S. Rice. Edited by Jester Antonio Caowinhim.

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