Monday, February 27, 2012

Caowin's Second Apology

Readers! How you guys been? Pursuing unintellectuality in your personal lives? Good, good, good... How have the children been? Oh, you don't have children? Oh, you're barren? Oh... How's the womb version of a desert then?

Y. S. Rice just told me to get back to the point.

You see, I really don't like apologizing. But apparently my suggestion that women nag and complain while men do manly things offended some people. Well, if you consider feminists people.

They were angry because apparently relationships between men and women should be marked by equality, cooperation, and mutual respect, rather than annoyance and disregard for the fairer sex. (Like those icky feminazis would know. I wouldn't touch one of those unshaven fatties if they were the closest thing to a real girl left on Earth.)

And I have to admit, I sort of agree. Relationships between men and women shouldn't be all about the woman trying to crush the man's spirit, taking away everything that gives the man meaning whilst simultaneously forcing unto him activities that he finds not only uninteresting, but also humiliating and emasculating.

It shouldn't be like that, Katie you whore. But I guess it's inevitable. It's like that old saying: Men are from Mars; women are from R'lyeh where they, alongside Cthulhu, inspire all the fear, anxiety and anger of mankind.

Anyway, while this is clearly the truth and anyone who says otherwise is either a woman trying to suck out the soul of a man, or a man whose soul has already been sucked out by a woman, I apologize for saying it.

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