Monday, November 7, 2011

Monday, Short on Time

Hi guys,

It's Y. S. Rice, back on his normal work schedule, but unfortunately still busy and unprepared - and with computer difficulties. That means no 'Top of the News' this week, yet again. Fortunately though, I do have something very special to share with you all, and here it is, posted below:

For some reason, the third video from the top of this search was Our House.

What that is, is a genuine public announcement from 1954 - one that explicitly and implicitly says that if you paint your house nicely and keep your lawn tidy, you will survive a nuclear attack. Even with the high lead content in paint back then, the fact that it somehow makes the house not simply radiation-proof, but Goddamn FIREPROOF is amazing. I cannot stress enough how ridiculous and funny this is. Watch the video; it's ten minutes you won't regret.

Oh, before I go: Caowinhim wanted me to point out how obvious Cain's recent sex scandal is, on account of his being black. I of course don't throw myself in with him on that matter, but I do of course think he's a terrible candidate for anything other than owning a pizza chain, so... Yay for being a stereotype, Mr. Cain! Now I don't have to worry as much about you becoming important. After all; who wants a president whose first idea for the name of a business is 'Godfather's Pizza'? Is there anything more ominous sounding than that?


Glad to be back guys - and all of you please look forward to a surprise on Thursday from us at the Public Unintellectuals. Have a good work week!

Y. S. Rice

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