Saturday, October 22, 2011

Announcement (23/10/11-29/10/11)

Hello valued readers!

Y. S. Rice here, just making an important announcement. For those of you who do not already know, I will be moving to Savannah, GA today, in a bid to be somewhere closer to my spiritual home of New Orleans than... Well, the opposite side of the God-damned planet. For those of you who think of me as the quintessential Englishman, think of it this way: what made Luke Skywalker, Dave Lister, and even Jesus Christ so valuable? They were each the only ones of their kind - Jedi, human, and Messiah respectively, in case you forgot who was who. In other words, by moving to America, I will be infinitely more appreciated for my Englishness than I ever could be over here in England.
Well okay. Most of us aren't clever and witty.
But we are still a dime a dozen over here.
What will this do to my writing for th Public Unintellectuals (and other blogs)? Well inderectly, it won't mean too much: I'll still maintain my cutting British tongue (typing hands?), and I'll still write a lot about the U.K. The only real subject matter shift will be that I will be able to write about U.S. politics a little bit more well-informed. That's a little bit more well-informed than 'not at all', in case you're keeping score at home. More directly, however, it means that I won't be able to write much this coming week, as I'll be busy settling into my new place and catching up with my family (who I haven't seen for over 14 months). Adding insult to the gaping lack-of-writing injury, I will be attending the major film festival at SCAD. For those of you not in the know, it runs from the 29th of October until the 5th of November, and for people with VIP tickets - like myself - can attend workshops with cast and crew in-between watching awesome indie films. As a cinephile, this is essentially a wet dream occurring every day for a week. Also as a cinephile, this means that I will have a lot to write about, but as a blogger it means that I won't have much time to spend at my computer for the next week or two.

So, for this week Caowinhim and I have traded blogging schedules: He will be writing 'Top of the News' this Monday, and an article on Thursday; I will only be writing an article on Wednesday, and half of the bi-weekly 'Point-Counterpoint' on the weekend. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Trading schedules with each other NO HOMO - Caowinhim] There is a chance that this schedule will continue next week thanks to the film festival - I'll be sure to drop you all a quick post if that is the case. Remember to subscribe/follow us if you want all of our updates instantly! It can take us up to half a day to post new stuff on Facebook, and it's - well - feckin' Facebook. 

Do you honestly not believe that my bitterness fully encompasses that corporate entity? If not, then you clearly don't know me. Go away. In the meantime, I apologise to my loyal readers, but... Well... Caowin isn't all bad. He may be trying to dismantle the free world as we know it, but at least he's being rather amusing while doing it.
"I am not amusing!" (force choking sounds off-screen)
- David Cameron, upon his ascension to the throne of the Antichrist.
This has been apologetically yours,

Y. S. Rice

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